Project Description

/Door fan test

Standards UNI 10877, UNI 11280, ISO 14520 and UNI EN 15004 require the Door Fan Integrity Test both during installation of a new gas fire extinguishing system and during periodic maintenance.

The aim of the Door Fan Test, which simulates the behaviour of the gas during discharge, is to determine the integrity of the rooms and volumes to protect; this test quantifies the leakage of a room, enabling correct assessment of the amount of extinguishing agent needed and of how to efficiently seal any significant air leakage that could lead to the inability of the volume to maintain the specified concentration level of the extinguishing substance for the residence time (10 minutes).

The room to be protected by means of extinguishing gas must guarantee:

  • sufficient structural resistance capable of supporting, without being damaged, the over or under pressure exercised during the discharge of the extinguishing agent.
  • The tightness of the room in case of accidental discharge.

In summary, the test is performed by our technical staff placing a fan unit with leaktight frame at an opening of the room (door); the room is then pressurised and depressurised, measuring the pressures and air flows, in this way determining the volume loss.

This test also tells us if it is necessary to install pressure relief dampers, used especially in inert gas systems.

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