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/System use and maintenance manual

The Decree of the Italian Ministry of the Interior of 20 December 2012 “Technical regulation of fire prevention for installations of active protection against fire installed in activities subject to fire prevention controls” makes the firefighting system use and maintenance manual obligatory for all fire extinguishing systems (including Heat and Smoke Evacuators – HSE) installed in activities subject to Italian Presidential Decree 151/2011.

Castagna Antincendi are equipped to draw up use and maintenance manuals for any type of firefighting systems in accordance with the Italian Ministerial Decree of 20/12/2012 for both newly constructed systems and for existing system even when not built by our company.

The system use and maintenance manual is given to the person in charge of the activity, by the installing company or, for systems without the manual, built before this decree went into effect, by a fire protection professional.

The use and maintenance manual is a document that must be drawn up according to certain specifications, written in Italian, and it must include the instructions necessary for correct state-of-the-art management of the firefighting system and to keep its components in efficient working order. Therefore, together with the technical standards present, it becomes the main reference for the use and maintenance operations to perform on the firefighting systems.

Hence it became obligatory for all systems, both new and existing, on the date that the Ministerial Decree of 20/12/2012 went into effect, to make the use and maintenance manual, among other documents, available to the competent authorities. If the aforementioned use and maintenance manual is missing, it must be drawn up by a fire protection professional (pursuant to Italian law 818/1984).

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