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/Fire Log Book

The Fire Log Book is a mandatory document that must be established for all activities in which at least portable extinguishers are present. With the new maintenance standard UNI 9994-1, the fire log book is no longer only obligatory in activities subject to fire department control and inspection, but in all activities where extinguishers are present.

The fire log book must report the tests, controls and maintenance operations on firefighting systems, equipment and installations, as well as the worker fire information and training activity.

The fire log book must always be present at the activity and made available to the competent authority and the maintenance technician.

The fire log book must be kept by the person in charge and, at the end of each operation, it is advisable to formalise the work of the maintenance technician by appending a copy of the maintenance report issued by the maintenance technician in which the work performed is noted.

The maintenance cards that Castagna Antincendi use are explanatory and contain the list of work in detail for firefighting equipment, while for firefighting systems, all maintenance operations carried out, the values measured, as well as the anomalies found are written in detail.

Castagna Antincendi offer a consulting service for the drawing up and updating of the fire log book, and when requested, also the online fire log book service.

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