Project Description

/Occupational Medicine

La Castagna Antincendi have professionals with specific experience in occupational medicine, competent doctors selected for their professionalism, who can assume the professional role of Company Physician and provide occupational medicine integrated health services as provided for by Italian Legislative Decree 81/08 as amended.
• Medical examinations
• Assumption of the professional role of Company Physician
• Occupational medicine health services (Italian Legislative Decree 81/08 as amended)
• Specialist medical examinations at the doctor’s office
• Specialist medical examinations at your company
• Ergophthalmological screening by means of visiotest
• Spirometry test
Audiometric testing (hearing test)
• Drug test
• Numerous types of medical assessments
• Collaboration on risk assessments (DVR)
• Drawing up of health protocol
• Drawing up of annual health report
• Participation in regular company meetings
• Hygienic-sanitary inspection
• Transmission to INAIL (Italian National Institute for Insurance Against Accidents at Work) of anonymous collective health data (annex 3B, Legislative Decree 81/08)
• Supply of first aid material
• Supply of defibrillators

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