Project Description

/Workplace safety advice

Our organisation offers complete workplace safety consulting services.


  • Drawing up of paperwork for obtaining fire safety compliance
  • Drawing up of paperwork for periodic renewal of fire safety compliance
  • SCIA* presentation (*certified notice of commencement of construction works)
  • CPI Fire Prevention Certificate (CPI)/Renewals
  • Determination of the fire resistance performance of structures subject to inspection by the fire department following assessment of the fire loads
  • Feasibility study for new systems to protect the building and/or site being analysed
  • Development of fire scenarios with performance approach (Fire Safety Engineering)


  • Drawing up and update of Risk Assessment Document (D.V.R.)
  • Drawing up and update of Interference Risk Assessment Document (D.U.V.R.I.)
  • Preparation of the Operational Safety Plan (P.O.S.) and the Safety and Coordination Plan (P.S.C.)
  • Fire risk assessment
  • Work equipment use risk assessment
  • Manual load handling risk assessment
  • Noise exposure risk assessment
  • Video terminal use risk assessment
  • Lightening risk assessment
  • Vibration risk assessment
  • Chemical risk assessment
  • Related stress risk assessment
  • New and expectant mothers risk assessment


  • Company checkup to inspect the company safety system
  • Company checkup with verification of safety signs and posters
  • Safety checklist and timetable preparation
  • Fire risk assessment
  • Advice and design of the best fire extinguishing system
  • Preparation of emergency and evacuation plans
  • Carrying out of periodic evacuation drills
  • Recruitment of external Health and Safety Manager (R.S.P.P.) for every type of activity
  • Check of firefighting systems every ten years
  • Preparation of use and maintenance manuals for firefighting systems compliant with the Italian Ministerial Decree of 20 December 2012
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