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/REI fire doors and accessories

A fire door (REI) is a door that, owing to its high resistance to fire, has the possibility to isolate flames in case of fire.

Castagna Antincendi supply and install fire-resistant or multi-use doors with high quality aesthetic finishes that can be customised thanks to a wide selection of RAL colours and accessories. We make REI doors for large applications which can be horizontal or vertical sliding, telescopic or revolving. We also have numerous spare parts and accessories available for REI and multi-use doors of all brands.

Our technicians will be happy to help you choose the correct product from among the wide range we have available:

  • REI certified fire doors
  • Decorative REI doors
  • Wooden REI fire doors
  • REI certified revolving doors
  • REI doors of various types
  • Fire curtains
  • Fire rated windows
  • Multi-use doors with panic exit device
  • Maniglioni antipanico di varia tipologia
  • Panic exit devices of various types
  • Overhead door closer for REI doors
  • Spare parts for REI doors and accessories
  • Closing regulator for sliding doors
  • Electro holding magnets and accessories
  • Hydraulic shock absorber for REI doors
  • Overhead door closer for REI doors
  • Fire door system with single-zone central fire alarm station
  • Various accessories for REI and multi-use doors of all brands
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