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Personal protection equipment (PPE) means equipment or products whose function is to protect the health and safety of the person who wears it or who in any case has it with them.Italian Legislative Decree no. 81/2008 as amended, known as the Consolidated Act on health and safety at the workplace, establishes that the PPE used in the workplace must comply with the provisions of Italian Legislative Decree 475/92, which defines them as follows:

“ “any equipment intended to be worn and kept by workers for the purpose of protecting them against one or more risks which might threaten their health or safety during work, as well as all complements or accessories intended for that purpose” (art. 74, paragraph 1 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 81 of 9 April 2008)

PPE is divided into three categories, based on the type of risk; Category I, Category II and Category III. Castagna Antincendi offers a wide range of PPE types depending on your needs:

  • Fire cabinets for PPE
  • Cabinets with equipment for firefighting teams
  • ADR kit bag
  • Full Nomex fire-proof “firefighting team” suit
  • Fire-proof cotton jacket and pants/trousers
  • Firefighting suit suitable for interventions to protect against heat and flame
  • Aluminised fire suits and PPE
  • Firefighter’s jacket and pants/trousers
  • Firefighter’s helmet with visor
  • Gallet F1 firefighter’s helmet
  • Boots, gloves and pick-axe for firefighter use
  • Emergency showers and eye wash stations
  • Full facial masks Class 2 and 3
  • Half-mask
  • Multipurpose combined filters for masks
  • Autorespiratore con maschera e bombola inclusa
  • Coperte antifiamma di varia tipologia e certificate
  • Self-contained breathing apparatus with mask and air cylinder included
  • Various types of certified flame-resistant blankets
  • Protective helmets, vests, flashlights, noise-cancelling headphones, earplugs, goggles
  • Technical apparel and PPE
  • Harnesses for work at a height
  • Professional smoke machine for simulations
  • LPG simulators for training
  • Safety vest

We also have PPE available for rent for practical fire tests.

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