Project Description

/Firefighting system design

Castagna Antincendi have an in-house design studio made up of professionals with specific experience in the firefighting sector who are qualified to design fire extinguishing systems of any type, complexity and size.

In every situation our staff attempts to find the best solution to the problem, at the lowest cost, depending on the detected risk.

As well as designing firefighting systems, Castagna Antincendi provide support to their customers on a whole series of assistance and consultancy in the field of fire protection:

  • Advice on selecting the best fire extinguishing system
  • Design of “turnkey” firefighting systems
  • Design of firefighting systems compliant with international and FM Global regulations
  • Design of SENTINELLA® firefighting systems on board machines
  • Development of draft specifications for the issuing of calls for tender
  • Pre-design assessments with precision instruments at the construction site
  • Construction and detailed design of fire extinguishing systems
  • Codification of components for prefabricated system installation
  • Design completion documentation (hydraulic calculations, technical specifications, reports, etc.)
  • Preparation of use and maintenance manuals for firefighting systems compliant with the Italian Ministerial Decree of 20 December 2012
  • Work supervision and/or work management assistance
  • Commissioning of firefighting systems
  • Testing and functional tests with certified specialised tools/instruments
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