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/Gas fire extinguishing system maintenance

Castagna Antincendi perform periodic maintenance on any type of inert or chemical gas firefighting systems and accessories, even those supplied by other companies.

In spite of the low environmental impact and high safety of these systems, the regulations require biannual maintenance of gas systems consisting of verification of the functionality of the systems, including blank tests.

The national reference standard for the maintenance of gas firefighting systems is UNI 11280; the maintenance phases are described in the table below, which also shows the periodicities. In specific cases we also perform maintenance in accordance with international standards (NFPA, FM).

Following the Kyoto Protocol, firefighting systems containing fluorinated gases (chemical gases) must be handled by certified personnel and by F-gas certified companies. For this reason Castagna Antincendi possess the company qualification certificate in accordance with regulation (EC) no. 842/2006 and Italian Presidential Decree 43/2012, as well as having certified personnel in accordance with regulation 304/2008.

Following each visit, Castagna Antincendi’s maintenance technician will draw up a detailed intervention report and update the maintenance card. The person in charge, on the other hand, must record the activity in the appropriate register.?

Surveillance According to the maintenance plan drawn up by the person in charge Person in charge/properly informed personnel
Periodic check Every 6 months Specialised company
Door Fan Test Annual Qualified specialised company
Routine maintenance Occasionally in case of slight anomalies found Specialised company
Extraordinary maintenance Occasionally in case of nonconformities found Specialised company
Scheduled overhaul Every 10 years Specialised company
Maintenance of gas and fire detection systems<
Door Fan Test
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