Project Description

/“GLOBAL SERVICE” fire systems maintenance contract

Fire systems maintenance is of considerable importance as it serves to guarantee the safe functioning of equipment in the event of an outbreak of fire. It must be performed by a trained person responsible for the surveillance stages and by a competent person with suitable equipment for the routine, extraordinary and testing stages.

It is advisable to enter into a maintenance contract with the maintenance company for all firefighting equipment. Castagna Antincendi can provide highly qualified personnel and meet all customer requirements. Castagna Antincendi wish first and foremost to offer a result; not a simple technical service but the safety of the facility and of the people who work in it.

We have the possibility of entering into a Global Service integrated contract to facilitate administrative operations and help you manage fire risks. The global service contract serves to guarantee a superior quality product and maintain maximum efficiency of systems over time.

A single contract, a single set of rules, a single price list, which simplifies supplier management for the customer. Training of the members of the firefighting team, carried out by our technical staff and concerning the operation of firefighting systems through practical tests, complete the service; the aim is to prepare them effectively to deal with any emergency situations or troubleshooting to which they are called.

The periodicity of the schedule maintenance operations, envisaged every six months, will not limit our support; we are always available for both telephone assistance and for immediate on-site interventions aimed at solving any problems.

To protect their customers, Castagna Antincendi have entered into a product civil liability policy and a third party/worker civil liability policy with coverage caps of € 5,000,000 for each insurance claim and € 500,000 for damage caused by interruption of service/suspension of activity.

In specific cases we also perform maintenance in accordance with international standards NFPA, FM, SES, etc.

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance
Maintenance of fire hydrant networks
Maintenance of fire doors and emergency exits